How to Hang Outdoor String Lights in Your Backyard

Hanging string lights may be utilized to brighten up your backyard or terrace. Using the space all year round is possible thanks to weather-proof hanging outside lights. This article will show you how to hang outdoor string lights around your property using what you’ve learned.

How to choose good string lights

Before the start choosing places to hang outdoor string lights in the backyard you need to choose the right lights. So how to do it?

First, you must know how many strings of outdoor light strands do you want. This will depend on how large is the space where they are going to be hung and how much illumination you want it to have. The second thing is about weatherproofing feature. You need this if you live in an area with harsh weather conditions like a strong wind, snow, or rain.

The third is the length of the cord. You must make sure that there would be enough space to fit the plugin and outlet. And finally, you should consider what style of lightbulbs you want for your backyard string lights. There are three different types of bulbs on the market today: LED, incandescent, and fluorescents.

Hanging Outdoor String Lights: Use the Trees 

If you do have one or more trees in your backyard, using them as anchors for your backyard string light display is the easiest option. All you need are some hooks and some hanging cords. The hooks go around the tree trunk while the hanging cords are attached to the hooks. Make sure that when you’re attaching the hooks, they won’t damage or harm the tree in any way.

Hanging String Lights Without Trees 

If you don’t have any trees in your backyard that can help you hang string lights, don’t worry because there are still ways how to do it. One way is to use a shepherd’s hook. This is a metal pole with a curved top used by herds to tie their sheep around while they’re grazing. You can buy a shepherd’s hook at your local hardware store. The other way is to use a patio umbrella stand. This is an easy way how to hang lights without trees because the umbrella stand will already have a hole in the center that you can use to feed the cord through.

On a Fence or Wall

If nothing else works for how to hang outdoor string lights, try your fence or wall, which are usually constructed of wood as well. Just attach each end of the light strand on either side and cover them up with flowers so they don’t show when it’s dark outside.

On Your Deck Railing

Instead of hanging string lights in the yard plants, use your deck railings. The deck railings are usually made of wood or metal, which makes it easy to attach the string lights.

In a Corners

If you have trees but they’re too far away from your backyard where you want to hang string lights or if there’s another object that is blocking how to hang outdoor string lights, then just use one tree and tie the other end on an available corner post.