How to Build Backyard Fire Pit: The Complete Guide

A wood-burning fire pit is a fantastic outdoor gathering spot for friends and family. A fire pit may be built in your yard to your specifications if you will do it yourself. In this article, you’ll learn how to create a fire pit with concrete pavers or concrete blocks for a quick and simple backyard makeover that works in any season.

What do you need for the fire pit

Before starting, you need to prepare all materials and tools for building a fire pit. All materials are available at your local home improvement store. You will need:

  1. fire pit kit (fire bowl, grate and spark screen);
  2. concrete patio blocks or stainless steel barbecue grill. It must be very hot to burn wood successfully;
  3. sand (for the bottom of the fire pit)  and gravel (to make a flat base for pavers or bricks).

Select Location and Fire Pit Shape

You must choose a safe distance from any buildings or low-hanging trees whether you’re creating a fire pit out of stone or concrete pavers. Pits should be at least five feet away from structures and ten feet away from trees. The shape of your pit is really up to you, but consider how much space you have and how you want it to look.

Dig a Hole And Build the Fire Pit Gravel Base

When you chose a place dig inside the marked hole. You must how deep you can dig out. You need to set the retaining wall blocks on gravel or sand.

Gravel on top of compacted earth makes a secure foundation for your fire pit. Put down a six-inch thick layer of gravel, then cover it with sand. Make sure the sand is level by using a rake or board to flatten out any bumps.

Install the Bricks

The type of building backyard fire pit depends on the chosen material. Here are the features.

If You’re Building a Stone or Paver Pit

Stone and paver pits are slightly more complicated because the foundation must be level. If your ground isn’t flat, use a piece of plywood as a platform for the blocks or pavers. Gravel makes an ideal base layer for uneven surfaces; it’s also easy enough to shovel out if you need to access the firepit’s interior later on.

If You’re Building a Concrete Block Pit

Concrete block pits are even easier than those made out of pavers. You’ll need to excavate your site so that the lip of each block has a level surface on which to rest, but otherwise you can build the pit however you want it shaped.

As for how high your retaining wall should be – don’t worry about building one at all unless there are only two or three feet between where you’re planning to put the firepit and wherever it’s closest neighbor is (the house next door, perhaps). Otherwise, plan on making yours around four inches below ground level with another six more inches beyond that before placing concrete blocks or pavers along its front face. Then use sand as an interior layer within your foundation bricks or rocks; this will help prevent ash from leaving burn marks on any hardscaping you place at the bottom of your pit.